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We are an advancement hub that specializes in customized training and development solutions

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Planets in Galaxy Orbit
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We empower people with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape

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We are on a mission to revolutionize the learning and development landscape through tailored, impactful solutions that address the unique needs of clients, fostering continuous learning, leadership development, and driving sustainable success.

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We have a vision to empower organizations through innovative and customized solutions that unlocks their full potential

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In UPSkillEd, we make sure to always R.I.S.E.

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What we do

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Digital Blockchain Structure Circuit Board

We transcend the present and embrace the future to strengthen our client's organizational resilience.

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Strategy development

We design clear and actionable roadmaps for our clients that align with their goal, objectives, and needs in a VUCA environment

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Learning technology integration

We facilitate seamless integration of digital tools and platform to foster knowledge and skills development

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Project management

We provide expert management services to oversee the planning, execution, and delivery of organizational projects

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Technical writing

We deliver clear and concise technical documentation and instructional materials to facilitate the comprehension of users and readers

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Training of trainers

We equip trainers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively deliver educational content and facilitate engaging learning experiences

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Workshop facilitation

We design and facilitate interactive workshops (in-person, virtual, and hybrid) to foster skill development and knowledge transfer

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Project management toolkit

Equips users with essential resources and tools to plan, execute, and oversee projects effectively. This toolkit streamlines project workflows from timelines to task management

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Workshop facilitation toolkit

Guides users to design and facilitate engaging workshops. It contains techniques to allow for a collaborative environment and actionable outcomes

Our UPSkillEd Team consists of experts who are accustomed to effective remote collaboration and complement each other's skills.

We are adept in working with private agencies, government institutions, non-profits, and inter-governmental organizations.

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Experience the UPSkillEd way

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We adopt an agile methodology to deliver learning and development projects for our clients.

We integrate project management principles, design thinking processes, and a futures-thinking mindset to ensure tailored and impactful solutions.

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Phase 1: Initiation

1. Needs assessment

2. Goal definition

3. Metric identification

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Phase 2: Planning

4. Research & analysis

5. Plan development

6. Collaborative ideation

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Phase 3: Execution

7. Curriculum development

8. Agile implementation

9. Learning engagement

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Phase 4: Monitoring

10. Continuous evaluation

11. Adaptation & iteration

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Phase 5: Closing

12. Final evaluation

13. Resource handover

14. Post-project support


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Stay tuned for features on management tools, organizational strategies, and practical tips to elevate your projects. Our experts will also share their opinions on current social issues.

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